«Selected topics of function theory»
International conference
dedicated to the 70thanniversary of
Eugenie M. Nikishin (1945-1986)



September 11 (Friday), Department of Mathematics and Mechanics Moscow State University

Session 1. Room 16-24, chairman B.S. Kashin
10-00. Opening of a conference
10-10. S.V. Kislyakov, Nikishin’s theorem of factorization and their applications

11-00 Coffee break, room16-13

Session 2. Room16-24, chairman V.A. Skvortzov
11-30 V. Мaiorov, Harmonic analysis on the ball and approximation by ridge-functions
12-20 E.Kopecka, Convergence of products of orthogonal projections

13-10 Lunch

Session 3. Room 16-24, chairman A.I. Aptekarev
15-10 A.A. Schkalikov, Analytic problems of similarity of PT-symmetric self-adjoint Hamiltonians
16-00 Yu.V.Nesterenko, Estimations of linear forms at values of analytic functions

17-00 Welcome tea. Room16-13

September 14 (Monday) Steklov Mathematical Institute of RAS

Session 4. Room 430, chairman E.M. Chirka
11-00 V.V. Kozlov, Spectral problems associated with the relativistic many-body problem
12-00 S.P. Suetin, Zero Distribution of Hermite-Pade Polynomials and Hermite Approximants for multivalued analytic functions

12-50 Lunch

Session 5. Room 430, chairman V.A. Кalyagin
14-20 М. Yatselev, Hermite-Pade approximants for a pair of Cauchy transforms with overlapping symmetric supports
15-10 B. Beckermann, Vector equilibrium problems for Nikishin systems with touching or overlapping plates
16-00 M. Duits, Multiple orthogonal polynomials and Dyson’s Brownian motion

17-00 Closing of a conference (Closing party). Room 430

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